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Effective Project Managers make the difference between success and failure in projects. To be successful Project Managers needs more than just a method to follow, they also require the skills to handle the people aspects of their role.


ITIL is the leading standard in IT Service Management, training is available at different levels so that you can ensure your staff get the most out of the courses they attend.


Understanding the needs of the business is vital to ensuring that projects are well scoped and the requirements are properly managed.

Onsite Courses

If you have 6 or more people who need training in a specific subject then why not consider an onsite course - reducing the costs associated with the course. Onsite courses offer many benefits not just financial. Having an onsite course can allow for the delegates to maximise the theory of the classroom and how to apply it in the workplace, and also allow for discussions specifically related to your organisation.

Customised Courses

If you are running an in-house course you also have the option to look at creating something more specific to be delivered. Sometimes an off-the-shelf course just doesn't meet the needs of your organisation, so why not have a course custom-made to accurately fit your needs.

Training Programmes for Business Analysts and Project Managers

We have developed programmes of courses designed to specifically meet the needs of Business Analysts and Project Managers. People working in these roles need a broad set of skills to maximise their efficiency. Our programmes are designed to build and expand on existing skills and develop an awareness of people issues as well as everyday operational tasks.

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