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Best Practice Case Study

Our client needed to create a Service Level Catalogue, they had attempted to create one internally on several previous occasions however they lacked the internal resources to be able to make any significant progress.

We provided the client with a selection of suitable candidates all experienced in identifying services and creating SLAs. The client chose ones of these candidates to take the project forward based on a suitable match.

The contractor proceeded to understand the customers needs and then designed a process and template for structuring the SLAs. He then identified the first key services that needed to be documented, these were then fully investigated and the Service Level Agreements created and signed off by the Customer.

A project plan was finally created to estimate the time and effort that would be required to complete the documentation for every service that had been identified.

The foundation work that the contractor undertook enabled the client to carry on the process of documenting the services utilising the available internal resources.

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