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ITIL Service Improvement

A service specially designed to bring the expertise of our Service Management Consultants to address your issues, but without the high cost.
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Using Contractors

Skilled contractors can make a significant difference to the success of a project, and to the profitability of your business. Whether for a short-term or long-term project, or if you're looking to temporarily replace a valued member of staff, skilled contractors are the most cost-effective option.

Finding Contractors

When choosing who to find your next contractor to carry out a project for you, it is important that they demonstrate not just capability, but the flexibility to deliver the service the way that you the client want. Spiritbrokers can provide interim and contract candidates for short and medium-term assignments. Our industry knowledge and experience, ensure our clients receive high quality, cost-effective candidates that make a difference from day one.

Like others in the market we will use our database and the Internet to source candidates. Where we add real value is in our personal knowledge of the IT industry allowing us to make an effective evaluation of the candidates.

As a friendly, innovative, enthusiastic team of professionals, we are driven by results. We are committed to finding the best possible contractors.

Case Study

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