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When choosing a consultancy to carry out a project for you, it is important that they demonstrate not just capability, but the flexibility to deliver the service the way that you the client want, not the way that they the supplier wants.

At Spiritbrokers we understand that sometimes working a project full–time is not always the best way to achieve the objectives, so whether you need our team 5 days a week or 3 days a month we can meet your needs.

IT Service Improvement Packages

Every organisation has some problems that need to be fixed, however for the busy IT Manager taking the time out to investigate and diagnose all these problems is just not feasible. Having worked with a number of customers we have developed the IT Service Improvement Package to allow these problems to be properly addressed.

One of experienced consultants will investigate the specific problem and provide a comprehensive report on the issue. The report will also provide a range of recommendations on how to resolve the issue, incorporating the principles of Best Practice as documented in ITIL.


Having a standard method that every person within a specific part of the organisation follows allows people to work smarter and with a clear understanding of their role within a project.

Evaluating and developing a method is best done by an independent specialist facilitating the needs of the organisation.

Best Practice

Being aligned to Best Practice is seen as good business sense. However, saying you are aligned and ensuring that you get the most from any best practice method can be very different things.

Work in partnership to deliver the maximum benefit for the customer.

Staff Development

Planning the development needs of your staff is an important process and having a specialist assisting with the gathering and evaluation of information can lead to far greater benefits both for you and your staff.

General Consultancy

From the largest project to the smallest, an independent voice offers that unique point of view anything from specialised knowledge to simple advice and guidance. We have a range of people who can deliver that difference along with the confidence that their independence means they are free of the office politics.

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